Whether you’re a construction manager, surveyor, architect or engineer, building industry professionals need to be ready for the future of green buildings in South Africa. This information hub contains accessible and up-to-date resources to help you learn more about green standards and certifications, develop your skills, and navigate upcoming policies and regulations.

Effective policies and regulations are vital for promoting energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable building design in South Africa.
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Green building certification provides an objective measurement for green buildings in South Africa. Find out more about the process here.

From higher property values to big savings on municipal bills, the business case for green buildings is stronger than ever. Find out more here.

Browse our growing list of training and instruction resources within the green building industry. Find out more here.


There are a number of ways to ensure a building complies with South Africa’s green building regulations.
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Find out more about developing net zero carbon buildings in South Africa.

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Green building benefits

From improving our health to creating employment, green buildings are good for us.

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Green building news

From new technologies to exciting projects and industry updates, get the latest news on green buildings.

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