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Joe Slovo Subsidised Housing

Size: 40-50m2 per dwelling
Design/Construction: 2015
Net zero carbon achieved: “Net zero capable” since occupation in 2015
Energy consumption: 35-50 kWh/m2/year
Energy generation: 0.
Requires off-site RE to achieve NZC.
Location: Langa, Cape Town


The housing units have been designed with thermally efficient features. The houses are double storey, and have shared walls which have been plastered and painted on the outside. There are roof overhangs to shade windows in summer but allow solar gain in winter, and orientation is north-facing as far as is possible in a complex development. The thermal design was optimised with the help of a computer modelling package.



Solar water heaters


Energy-efficient lighting


Roof overhangs for thermal efficiency


Optimal building orientation